Why Rent?

Benefits of renting:

  • Try before you buy.
  • Rent for an event.
  • Get the best rates.

Try before you buy. Thinking about moving from a point-and-shoot to a DSLR? How about that big fancy lens? Before jumping into a big investment, it’s important to dip your toes in and test the waters a bit. Technology loses value the moment it’s purchased, and reselling is never fun. If you find that you’re not thrilled, you’ve saved yourself time and (likely) hundreds of dollars.

Rent for an event. So you’ve booked a client for a $2500 wedding, but you need a wide-angle lens to capture the huge bridal party. Or, you’ve got a last minute sporting event where you need a second shooter to capture all the angles. What do you do? You can drop another $2000 on equipment and 1-day shipping, cutting profit. Or you can rent that wide-angle lens or DSLR for just $40.

Get the best rates. Nobody can beat our prices or our turn-around rate. We guarantee that our rates are lower than any local or online store and we deliver orders as early as the next business day. Rentals are great, low-risk investments for the long-term growth of your photography business.

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