Caroline Falwell

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Name: Caroline Falwell
Favorite Equipment: Canon 6D
Types of Sessions: Portrait, Business
Editing Software: Adobe Lightroom
Service Areas: Greater Lynchburg

Description of Style: Bright and Airy
About: I was born and raised in Lynchburg VA in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains. Coincidentally, I attend Liberty University residentially where I am studying business administration. Throughout my educational career I’ve had the opportunity to be involved with LUTV and Liberty’s marketing department in various projects each semester. Also, in 2019 I signed with Model Management Group in New York City who works with me on branding, image, and capitalizing on opportunities within the industry. Regardless of the changing tides of life I have always enjoyed photography, cooking, and art. Through any of my endeavors the one thing that matters is that Jesus has transformed my life. I had the fortune to grow up in a Christian household and be saved at a young age. The most important thing in my life will always be living my life in a way that honors and glorifies His kingdom.
Favorite Thing in Lynchburg: The beautiful people!

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