Antonio Corneal Photograpy

Name:Antonio Corneal
Favorite Equipment:2’x3′ Softboxes, 100mm Macro
Types of Sessions:Product
Editing Software:GIMP 2.10
Service Areas:Lynchburg

Description of Style: I typically shoot very simple scenes, with not much else besides the subject. I enjoy moody product shots, or ones that are very unique to the product itself, to enhance the overall image.
About: I am a 25 year old engineer who has been living in Lynchburg for the past year, after I moved from Florida. Photography is one of my passions, and I highly enjoy making even simple objects look stunning, and eye-catching! I love shooting watches, and tech equipment. Outside of photography, I enjoy music, sports, and anything engineering-related.
Favorite Thing in Lynchburg: Natural Bridge

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