JN Photography

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Name: Nathan Haefer
Favorite Equipment: Canon 6DII
Types of Sessions: Portrait, Wedding, Special Event, Business,
Real Estate, Product, Scenic
Editing Software: Photoshop
Service Areas: Central VA

Description of Style: Adaptable per client needs.
About: My wife, Jess, and I started JN Photography and love the art. It’s truly a blessing to capture a photograph full of energy and excitement. Since graduating with honors and obtaining my Bachelors at Liberty University in 2011, I’ve been working hard with my wife to raise our children and bless our clients. God has truly been wonderful to us and I seek to glorify Him by returning the blessings of this business to our clients and commercial partners. If you’re reading this and are in a tight financial spot, please feel free to call or email me!
Favorite Thing in Lynchburg: My family.

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