50mm – Features & Uses

Available to Rent: Canon and Nikon

Canon – EF 50mm f/1.8
Features Uses
  • High Clarity
  • Low Aperture
  • Lightweight
  • Street Photography
  • Portraits & Landscapes
  • Low-Light Settings


  • Prime lenses (fixed to a set millimeter length) have high clarity. This is because there are “no extra moving parts normally required for varied focal lengths (zooms)” which allows for a “crisper, sharper result.”1
  • Low apertures allow for accentuated focal point which separates subject from background (called “bokeh”).2
  • Lightweight lenses are easy to carry around, are faster to put together, and allow for discreet shots in times where a large lens may ruin the moment.3,4


  • Good for street photography and photojournalist type shots because it presents a normal perspective, “similar to what we see from our very own eyes”.5
  • In shooting portraits the fixed length “doesn’t change the face form”, and for landscapes it also allows for more tightly framed shots.4,6
  • Low apertures also allow more light in, which means you can shoot in darker settings.7



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