Strength of Atlantis

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Name: Lillian Merritt
Favorite Equipment: Sony α7R II, Sigma 50mm F1.4
Types of Sessions: Fine Art, Self-Portraits
Editing Software: Photoshop
Service Areas: Greater Lynchburg

Description of Style: As a fine art photographer I take reality and transform it into fanciful and whimsical images representing the complex worlds I see in my imagination. I use symbolism to communicate meaningful stories in the hopes to connect with others in a deeper and more personal way. I also offer photo sessions to those who desire to be part of their own whimsical images, giving people the opportunity to become the characters they see in their minds eyes. Along that same avenue I work with musicians to create surreal album covers that bring their music to life in a photographic and imaginative way. I offer all of my images as limited edition prints with 4 size varieties.
About Lillian: I was born in the small town of Enid, Oklahoma in 2001. For years my ultimate passion was ballet, but in 2013 I discovered photography and instantly fell in love. The imaginative work of Brooke Shaden showed me that photography can be more than portraits and landscapes and from that moment forward I’ve been delving into the visual representation of my imagination. After creating mainly for myself for three years I decided in 2016, after moving here to Lynchburg, to start a business and pursue my passion as my career and thus began Strength Of Atlantis. At the start of 2018 I sold my very first print and was part of my very first gallery exhibition in Orlando, FL where one of my images won people’s choice award. Throughout the rest of the year I was part of four other gallery exhibitions. One of those exhibitions was arranged by Charlet Photographies, a French art agency I signed on with at the beginning of 2018, where 6 of my prints were showcased at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris. The end of 2018 saw the accomplishment of my 52 week photo challenge and the beginning of a clean slate for the coming year. 2019 holds many unknowns for me in regards to my photography yet many exciting adventures. I will be pursuing growth in my business with more gallery exhibitions in many different parts of the world as well as creating more personal and conceptual work. I will be starting college at the beginning of 2019 with Liberty Online to work towards an Interdisciplinary Associates Degree and I will continue on with my love of dance as I enter my sixteenth year of ballet.
Favorite Thing to Do in Lynchburg: I love the historic downtown with all of its coffee shops, boutiques and restaurants. There are so many antique stores that I love visiting and finding treasures within as well as the Ploughcroft tea room that offers a wonderful pot of tea to those who wish to be back in victorian England.

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